My name is Danny. I am a Graphic Designer and Art Director based in Denver, Colorado. Scroll down to see some of my work. Feel free to reach out if you would like to see more. Life is short, enjoy it.

Denver Art Museum

My current position is at the Denver Art Museum, I work on everything from advertisements for the marketing department to internal requests for signage and media used in communications. I work on a lot of digital media for social, paid and organic as well as email campaigns and print pieces. I enjoy creating  digital media the most. I do a little bit of motion graphics as well for animated banner banners and some print projects.


The last job I worked in Boston was at a startup in the MIT area that provided employment search and networking services for job seekers via the web. I loved this Job, I was s full time designer working on digital design. I made HTML emails and social media ads. My favorite assignment was to pitch a brand refresh and create an art direction for some of the other sites owned by Jobcase. I chose to leave Boston and Jobcase because my wife got a pHD opportunity at home in Colorado. I learned so much there and felt very comfortably challenged by my role.

AIGA Boston

While living and working in Boston as a graphic designer, I did some volunteer art direction and design work for a typelogo and 35th anniversary campaign representing the Boston Chapter of the Association for International Graphic Artists. I worked with some really nice designers from around the city and enjoyed our remote meetings. They wanted to explore a concept where design was spelled with the numbers 35 rather than an e and s. I worked on a few solutions of how that could be represented and carried through visual campaigns. 

Craft Worldwide

When I lived in Boston in 2018 I worked for a company named Craft Worldwide which is affiliated with McCann World Group. I was a digital designer working on the Staples account. I designed and created banners, webpages and promo emails over the holiday season of 2018. This project was a landing page I designed in Sketch and then passed on to the development team. At Craft we used Helvetica and the golden ratio for typographic hierarchy. 

WigWam Creative

I began working for Pete Larson and Charles Carpenter and WigWam Creative in 2015 after graduating from RMCAD. I put together presentations for new business and did a brand refresh that lead to a packaging project. I really enjoyed working on our presentation for Liddabit Sweets because I was able to get of sense of storytelling through visual communication.


I worked for a company called TAMR in Cambridge Mass. I used to make banner ads and ebook layouts for them. I also provided them art direction help that they later went on to have Mullen Lowe (A Mass. advertising agency) produce and fully flesh out. I worked with a small internal marketing team. I was a  temporary freelancer.

It really was a unique experience to work in Harvard Square. Or as some say “Harhvard Square.” The history really shows and there were a lot of typographic influences from New York City and throughout Boston. The East Coast style in general really gave me a unique perspective on how I perceived design.

I have more story to tell than just these select work samples and I am working on curating more work for my site to reflect my favorite projects and most recent work. Thanks for visiting my website, for more about my work history check out the info page. I hope you are enjoying the moment.