While working for BravoEchoInc. I worked on animated banners and pre-roll animations for a product a company named DesignTex. The project was for a product they offered called Casper cloaking technology. Casper cloaking is essentially a film applied to glass surfaces in offices that obscured only screens to offer an open workspace while keeping projects discreet. I worked on animations for banner ads and social media campaigns.

I had a lot of guidance in the realm of art direction and design from my seniors and I worked on the motion design for the banners. I learned a lot about animation using software I had never used before. Organization was key as I was dealing with a lot of different versions of files and reiterations of final concepts.

Thanks for checking out my site and work. If you would like to hire me as a freelancer or a full time designer please reach out via email. I am interested in Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration and Motion Graphic work.

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